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Air Freight

Our company airfreight department set up in Hong Kong, with many airlines have close relations of cooperation, provide the Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao international air freight business take off. At the same time in the world's major airport has a strong agent network. So we have a affordable price, excellent service, will be convenient, fast and safely import and export goods. Hong Kong KINE-REACH has applied for RA qualification, is equipped with air cargo hub directly, guarantee of shipping space, and to monitor the arrival of the goods at any time through the network information.

We provide countrywide door-to-door delivery service, agent export customs declaration formalities, export agents required documents and files required for the destination customs clearance. Customers fill out the power of attorney along with air cargo packing list and invoice to our operation is ok.

Through international agency network, customers can enjoy air import services from all over the world. Which cargo need to transship or air cargo import customs clearance formalities is trival, can use of CEPA and bonded area all kinds of preferential policies, flexible select multiple port and multiple ways to customs clearance, to ensure that the import air cargo transport in a timely manner to all over the country, saving time and cost for the customer.

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